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Customer experience at Cebiphar

🤝 As a service provider, CEBIPHAR is committed to providing customized support to Healthcare industries, particularly for pharmaceutical development and quality control to secure their supply chain.

🎯 Improving our customers' experience with our teams, satisfying them on a daily basis and creating long-term partnerships are fundamental elements of our corporate policy.

Our Vision of the Customer Experience

At CEBIPHAR, the customer experience is the result of the commitment of all our teams. It is built on key moments of customer interaction and good collaboration among all links of the company.

We commit to developing a relationship based on trust and to offering personalized support throughout your projects. Each interaction with our teams is designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Our approach to continuous improvement of the customer experience drives us to understand and anticipate your expectations and behaviors as best we can. A real challenge for CEBIPHAR!

In this context, raising our employees’ awareness of the importance of customer satisfaction and creating long-term partnerships are fundamental elements of our development strategy.

Our Clients at the Center of Our Business Concerns

Every point of contact between our clients and our teams matters, which is why we place the client at the center of our activities with the aim:

👉To make your customer experience simple and smooth,

👉To optimize your development timings and market access,

👉To adapt to your specific needs and together meet the challenges of our sector.

CEBIPHAR, According to Our Clients

A customer satisfaction survey was conducted in 2023, and we are delighted to share with you the results of this survey:

94% of our clients are SATISFIED, a very good result RENEWED over a period of 4 years!


98.6% of our clients would recommend CEBIPHAR to their network

Today, we decide to share with you the perspectives of some partners on the different stages of the customer journey that we consider essential. Below, you will discover various customer feedback categorized by themes.

Do not hesitate to contact us or share your feedback in order to continue building a unique customer experience in line with your expectations.

Case studies

Case studies