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Who we are

CEBIPHAR beside you since 1979

CEBIPHAR (CRO), founded in 1979, is the long-standing partner of many companies in the pharmaceutical industry (human and veterinary) and medical devices

OUR VISION: Be a reliable and available partner, beyond a standard customer-supplier relationship

OUR MISSION: Provide technical and regulatory solutions during the different phases of development and control of your products

OUR VALUES: Alongside a customer oriented mindset, our proactivity and the development of our teams are key assets for the success of your projects

In 2014, CEBIPHAR joined TERANGA Groupe, alongside ACM PHARMA and UPS Consultant to become a leading services company for the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

CEBIPHAR, originally based near Tours (France), opened an additional laboratory in Toulouse, France in 2018 a few months after having extended the capacities of the Tours site by 500m².

Here is a brief description of the range of our services:

  • Analytical development
  • Methods validation and transfer
  • Quality control of raw materials and finished products
  • ICH & VICH stability studies
  • Preclinical and clinical veterinary studies
  • Technical and regulatory support

Beyond the technical expertise, a customer oriented mindset, as well as high availability are real priorities within all CEBIPHAR teams.
Being a company on a human scale, CEBIPHAR is able to adapt its organization specifically to your project.

Parc Equipements
Equipment list

State of the art equipment

CEBIPHAR owns state of the art equipment for physico-chemical and microbiological analysis:

  • Physico-chemistry: HPLC and UHPLC (UV, DAD, RI, fluorimeter, MS), GC (HS / FID, MS), Dissolution (on-line, off-line, continuous flow), Spectrophotometry (UV-visible, FTIR, SAA), Water: Karl Fisher, Coulometer, Osmometer, Potentiometer, Oximeter, Particulate contamination (visible and non-visible particles), Texture analysis, Rheometer, Viscometer, Penetrometer, Disintegration, Friability, Tear resistant, Adhesiveness
  • Microbiology: Plate reader automaton, Automatic agar well cutting system, Automated dilution and dispensing machine, Microplate reader, PSM, Incubators, Microscope, Automatic seeder, Autoclave

As part of the tests for which CEBIPHAR does not own the suitable equipment, we have developed partnerships with human-sized services companies that are experts in their field (polymorphism, elementary impurities, structural identification). These partners are audited and qualified by our Quality Assurance department.

A recognized expertise within the scientific community

A skilled scientific team available to build strong relationships with you

Aurélie Couture


Head of Development and Pharmaceutical Control Department
présentation Emilie LOTHION Cebiphar


Quality Assurance Manager
présentation Emilie LOTHION Cebiphar




Technical and Scientific Director
présentation Emilie LOTHION Cebiphar


Director of Pharmaceutical Development and Control and Site Harmonization
présentation Eric PETAT Cebiphar

Nicolas LEROY

Strategic Development Director

présentation certifications Cebiphar
Accreditations and certifications

Fully committed to Quality

Our quality standards: GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices, GMP applicable in France, GMP applicable in the European Union [Eudralex Volume 4], cGMP applicable in the United States [CFR21 part 210 & 211]

Our certifications as a human and veterinary pharmaceutical company:

  • Pharmaceutical establishment approved by ANSM since 2001 on Fondettes site (Human medicinal products and Human investigational medicinal products) and since 2020 on Toulouse site (Human medicinal products and Human investigational medicinal products) . Last inspection in May 2019: quality control of human drugs, experimental drugs and imported drugs
  • Pharmaceutical establishment approved by ANSES  since 2005 on Fondettes site and since 2020 on Toulouse site. Last inspection in March 2021:quality control of veterinary drugs and veterinary drugs subjected to clinical trials
  • Site inspected by FDA (last inspection: September 2017)
  • Certificate of conformity to GLP (ANSES) since 2000 on Fondettes site. Last inspection in March 2021.
  • VICH GL9: good clinical practice for veterinary medicinal products

CEBIPHAR is also CIR accredited.

presentation équipe Cebiphar

Many international customers trust us

Due to our in-depth knowledge of cGMP regulations for the US, and local regulatory specificities (in particular ANVISA guidelines regarding forced degradation studies and validation of analytical methods), CEBIPHAR is frequently contacted by companies based outside the European Union.

A broad network of partners

Our network within the Life Sciences industry

CEBIPHAR has built partnerships with companies having the same philosophy of customer relations, for the following activity:

Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form to find out more.

The union of 3 entities A strong link between TERANGA Groupe companies offers you a broad range of services

The independent holding company TERANGA Groupe combines the synergy of a group with the flexibility of human-sized companies.

Offering complementary services and experiences, ACM Pharma, CEBIPHAR and UPS Consultants form a leading group dedicated to the human and veterinary healthcare and cosmetic industries throughout Europe.

The core expertises are in the fields of product development, technical, regulatory support, quality control, microbiology with a focus in providing the customers with reliable data.

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