études précliniques microbiologique Cebiphar

Veterinary pre-clinical studies

CEBIPHAR is a pre-clinical veterinary CRO offering a wide range of services related to the development of pharmaceutical specialties or vaccines, zootechnical products and animal feed. Studies are performed in target species according to GLP or GCP when needed

Customized support

CEBIPHAR can fit your needs

The pre-clinical veterinary services (experimental studies on site) offered are:

  • Local tolerance and safety in the target species
  • Pharmacokinetics: bioequivalence, bioavailability …
  • Residue studies on tissues, milk, eggs, in animal species and production animals intended for human food
  • Clinical pharmacology, animal models (bacterial and parasitic infections) for dose determination and confirmation
  • Palatability studies
  • Microbiology: MIC, MBC, bactericidal kinetics

Consultancy and support provided within the framework of these studies:

  • Development strategy for veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Study design
  • Writing of study plans
  • Organization, implementation and management of in-vivo phases
  • Statistical analysis, interpretation of results
  • Reports writing in compliance with GLP or GCP if necessary.

CEBIPHAR owns buildings suitable for housing multiple animal species and dedicated technical rooms within the test facility:

  • Dairy cows: up to 26
  • Other cattle (wolves, calves – on milk or feeders): up to 60
  • Sheep and goats: up to 200
  • Pigs (weaning piglets, fattening pigs): up to 250
  • Poultry (chickens, hens, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, pheasants): up to 800
  • Rabbits (fattening and reproduction): up to 180

CEBIPHAR can also perform studies in class 3 confinement conditions in partnership (INRAE ​​installations). 

Experimental studies can also be carried out on horses and dogs, and outdoors on our 11 hectares of land.

Business process

Discover the 4 phases of the life cycle of the analytical method

Interactions process

Our approach


Animal welfare

Review of each study by an Ethics Committee before the start of the experimental phase



Involvement of the CEBIPHAR Quality Assurance department at each stage of GLP studies: audit of the study plan, animal phase, raw data and report


Long term partnership

An experienced and long-standing team


Regulatory support

Dossier audit and gap analysis, support to dossier registration, writing of parts III and IV

CEBIPHAR provides modular installations which reduces the time needed to implement your experimental studies.


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