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Veterinary clinical studies

CEBIPHAR, as a clinical veterinary CRO, provides you with a department dedicated to the management of field studies on production and companion animals in compliance with GCP

Customized support

CEBIPHAR can fit your needs

CEBIPHAR offers a wide range of services for clinical field trials related to the development of pharmaceutical specialties or vaccines, zootechnical products and animal feed.

  • Efficiency studies (for registration dossier or in a post-marketing context)
  • Tolerance studies
  • Palatability studies (for pharmaceutical specialties, food supplements, additives, etc.)
  • Microbiological studies: collection of field strains in the field, MIC, strain bank

Consultancy and support provided within the framework of these studies:

  • Development strategy for veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Study design: determination of sample size, blind study setup, randomization, choice of control product
  • Writing of protocols
  • Preparation of clinical observation notebooks (CRFs)
  • Clinical trial declaration to the authorities
  • Procedures for importing drugs for clinical trials
  • Selection of investigators and clinical sites
  • Training of investigators and co-investigators
  • Clinical study monitoring, including site visits
  • Management of central laboratories (Bioanalysis CROs)
  • Pharmacovigilance under study (management of adverse events)
  • Data collection and quality control (data management)
  • Statistical analysis, interpretation of results
  • Writing of the report

CEBIPHAR is able to distribute products for veterinary clinical trials in accordance with GMP (ANSES):

  • Import and receipt of products
  • Storage under controlled conditions
  • Supply of authorized control products
  • Distribution, collection, monitoring and destruction of test products

Our Quality Assurance department is involved at every stage of GCP studies: audit of the protocol, raw data and the report.

Business process

Discover the 4 phases of the life cycle of the analytical method

Interactions process

Our approach



Study design in line with the product development strategy



Selection and training of investigators



Statistical analysis of the results


Regulatory support

Dossier audit, bibliography, writing of parts III and IV

CEBIPHAR provides you with an extensive network of investigators, with the flexibility of a small-sized CRO. 


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