Located in the heart of the Region Center Val de Loire in proximity to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics large poles, the microbiology laboratory, animated by pharmacists and scientist specialists, brings their know-how and experience of over 20 years serving the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.

ACM PHARMA has the status of Pharmaceutical Site, is accredited ISO 17025 (COFRAC) and includes 38 employees at Bellegarde (Loiret).

ACM Pharma offers comprehensive microbiological services, according to : Ph Eur, USP, NF EN ISO.

Each type of analysis is carried-out in dedicated platforms, which environment is compliant with NF EN ISO/ CEI 17025 norm and cGMP.

The laboratory performs:

  • Routine analyses for raw material, bulk and finished products

  • Validation and transfer of methods

  • Development of specific methods