Cebiphar has an experimental farm of 1100m² dedicated to the veterinary pre-clinical studies, composed of:

  • Housing capabilities, which are adapted to multiple animal species

    Examples of experimental capabilities:

    • Lactating cows: Up to 26
    • Other cattle (young bovine, calves) : Up to 60
    • Sheep and goats: Up to 200
    • Pigs (weaners, growers): Up to 250
    • Poultry (broilers, hens, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowls, pheasants): Up to 800
    • Rabbits (does, fattening): Up to 180

Experimental studies can also be performed on horses and dogs. In addition to these housing capabilities, our 11 hectares of land can also be used for outdoor studies.

  • Technical facilities

    • Control of room conditions
    • Milking room
    • Infirmary
    • Central Laboratory
    • Specific rooms for storage, tests elements, freezing...
    • Room for preparing and storing drugs (for clinical trials)
  • Housing capabilities adapted to studies under specific containment conditions up to level 3 (partnership with INRA)