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Through a dedicated veterinary preclinical and clinical department, Cebiphar offers a wide range of services for the development of veterinary drugs, biological, zootechnical and food products. Studies are conducted on target species in a GLP environment.

On-site experimental studies

Our services : consulting and operational support

Our capabilities

Cebiphar capabilities are adapted to the housing of multiple animal species, and benefit from dedicated technical facilities within the experimental farm.

Example of housing capabilities:

Cebiphar also conducts studies under specific containment conditions (Class 3 animal houses at INRA).

Experimental studies can also be performed on horses and dogs. In addition to these housing capabilities, our 11 hectares of land can also be used for outdoor studies.

Our Quality Assurance department is involved at every stage of the study (audit of the study plan, animal phase, raw data and report). Every study is reviewed by an Ethics Committee prior to the start of the experimental work.

Alongside the studies, Cebiphar ensures regulatory consultancy: audit of dossiers, registration support, writing of part III and IV.