In partnership with its sister company UPS Consultants, CEBIPHAR organises the following training sessions in LYON :

- Etudes de stabilité des principes actifs et des médicaments: aspects réglementaires et pratiques (10-11 oct 2018): detail

- Les impuretés mutagènes dans les produits pharmaceutiques (18 oct 2018): detail

- Contrôle des impuretés élémentaires selon ICH Q3D (8 nov 2018): detail

Do not hesitate to contact Ms Françoise MARLIN
By email at or by phone 00.33.(0)2 38 90 93 26.

UPS Consultants has developed for more than 20 years its capacity to intervene for the training missions, consulting, auditing and technical assistance for pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies, manufacturers of medical devices, high-tech industries, and hospital sector.

Training inter/intra-enterprise: thanks to the development of a renewed training offer each year, the contents and pedagogical modalities are tailored to your needs.

A few figures :

  • Approximately 1,200 trainees participated in our training intra-and inter-enterprises
  • Nearly 100 intra-enterprises and adapted trainings
  • More than 60 Inter-enterprises trainings are scheduled each year in PARIS, LYON and within the laboratories ACM Pharma and CEBIPHAR.